Securing Your Facility Inside & Out

Securing Your Facility Inside and Out The need to protect and secure manufacturing personnel and facilities while maintaining a

Securing Your Facility Inside and Out

The need to protect and secure manufacturing personnel and facilities while maintaining a safe working environment is a challenging initiative. Manufacturing plants are dynamic environments with the movement of personnel, goods, and equipment each presenting a unique set of challenges. There is a vast range of hazards ranging from perimeter intrusions, production line malfunctions, theft and workplace violence. Identifying and acting on these issues are crucial components to the productivity and safety of any manufacturing facility. Here are the top three concerns when securing your facility inside and out!

1. Protecting Your Personnel

Your top concern as a manufacturing facility is providing your employees with a safe working environment. Workplace violence falls, production line safety and heavy equipment operations can put employees and employers at risk. Video surveillance can be used to monitor operations and make sure that safety procedures are being followed. The video can also be used for liability claims.


2. Protecting Your Product

After ensuring the safety of your employees your next focus is protecting your product. This can be done through remote assembly line supervision. While monitoring for safety you can also look for ways to improve production efficiency whether it’s the strategic placement of raw materials or closely viewing equipment for stress or malfunctions video can capture the data you need to take the best course of action.


3. Protecting Your Perimeter

Manufacturing facilities contain multiple items that need to be secured. From raw materials including potentially dangerous chemicals to finished goods, tools, powered equipment are all desirable targets to thieves and terrorists. Conducting a professional security assessment of the exterior of your facilities can go along way to keeping these items in your possession helping to keep costs down and maintaining production and delivery schedules.

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This is where Prime’s National Account team can help. We are committed to being your partner with regards to designing, deploying and supporting security solutions that help you meet these challenges. Prime is aligned with leading manufacturers in video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, license plate recognition and other security platforms. Our team of in-house experts is ready to assist you in constructing a solution that is easy to use and manage while providing the effectiveness that you need.

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